Family Crest, Coat Of Arms, Initials & Monogram Engraved
 9ct & 18ct Gold , Sterling Silver Signet Rings, Cufflinks & Masonic

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Status Symbol
or Family tradition

Families have presented their children signet rings on the occassion of their, 18th or 21st birthday since the dark ages it seems. Often engraved with initials in the form of a monogram or a family crest or Coat Of Arms inherited and passed down generations.

In 2014 or there abouts the signet ring came back into fashion,  with the cost of precious metals having escalated, and hand engravers being priced out due to increases in business rents and rates etc. Signet rings have now become more of a status symbol.

A traditionally made silver die stamped signet ring, with a hand engraved bespoke family crest is likely to cost you in the region of $850.00.
Our laser engraved cast rings from $595.00

Deep Reverse Crest 
seal Engraving

Engraved by laser & enhanced by hand afterwards to closely resemble the work of a seal engraver

Coat Of Arms
seal Engraving

9ct and 18ct gold heavyweight 
signet rings bespoke engraved 

The affordable alternative

 Whilst providing an affordable deep reverse crest seal style engraved signet ring of exceptional quality and weight at a little over half the high street price, I can also provide two very different alternatives to tradition.

First we manufacture our own range of cast signet rings which are porosity free, also take half as long to make prior to engraving. An average ring costing about half what a similar thickness and weight die stamping will cost

Second using a yag galvo fiber laser engraving machine and CAD CAM and 3 years of trial and error, we have perfected seal type crest engravings which to the best of our knowledge are the closest yet to imitate similar produced by hand crest engravers.

A unique range
of jewellery

All of our jewellery is manufactured in the Uk by my own family, bespoke to order and shipped to me in Adelaide in Australia, import duty and taxes paid.

You are ordering from me in Australia, all orders are paid in advance via Paypal and you are covered by Paypal seller protection and the relevant ( D S R ) Distance selling rules for online internet sales.


Average delivery is 4 weeks from payment, you will be informed in advance (A) when your signet ring, pendant or earrings has been manufactured (B) when sent from UK (C) when packed and in post to you.

9ct and 18ct gold

Delivery is from 4 weeks if marked 375 or 750
6 weeks delivery if UK Hallmarked

Monograms Masonic 
& more

Some detail by laser which is almost impossible by hand

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The Past

V S Foster jewellers now exporting to Australia
My uncle Viv and his brother Steve owned two jewellery shops, in the UK and a small manufacturing workshop. Steve retired in 2013 and Viv decided to slow down a little making jewellery,  now selling via the internet only. 

The Present

Jeweller, Viv at his bench now exporting crest engraved jewellery to Australia

With a family tradition going back over 40 years, I am now proud to offer English quality handmade jewellery, made by my Uncle in the UK which is exported to me on a weekly basis.  I will personally inspect pack and post in Australia.

The Future

Latest Tykma yag galvo fiber engraving machine for jewellery Australia

The most traditional way of engraving family crest's, Coat's of Arms even initials & monograms is by hand, but technology now plays an important role. All our engravings are done using state of the art laser engraving machines and then enhanced by hand.

Bespoke crest
signet Rings

Stagg head in coronet deep reverse crest engraved signet ring

Your own personal family crest is deep reverse seal engraved, into one of our traditional heavyweight handmade sterling silver signet rings


monogram signet Rings

monogram entwined engraved silver signet ring

Your own initials or monogram engraved into one of our traditional heavyweight handmade sterling silver signet rings


signet Rings

silver signet ring masonic square and compass engraved

Square & Compass relief  engraved into one of our traditional heavyweight handmade sterling silver signet rings


talisman crest engraved signet Rings

Dove crest engraved signet rings

A select range of popular heraldic beasts

deep reverse crest, seal style engraved signet rings at reduced prices


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Crest engraved signet rings sold in Australia

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